So it’s Monday morning and your list of projects includes the following:

  • Client appreciation event
  • RFP for a prospective client
  • Holiday card
  • Support for a growing Client Team
  • Your Chairman’s pet project
  • New attorney integration
  • On and on . . .

All the items have various due dates and report to any number of attorneys.  Some of the work may help generate revenue while some might be just an attorney vanity project.  For some of the work you can help determine the quality and client experience of the project.  And then for some, the attorney will not allow you to impact the work or plans.

And as you sit at your desk looking at the list, a growing sense of overwhelm and stress builds in your gut and in your head.  This is going to be a tough week.

How do you allocate your time and energy?  How can you make a difference?  How do you get clarity? 

Is your job just one of endurance?  Or is there a way to approach the myriad roles, responsibilities and tasks with clarity and professionalism which ensures that the work gets done appropriately and you have the best chance of making a difference and progressing in your career?

You have an incredibly difficult job.  It requires the killer combination of the ability to do turn-key execution with little supervision, all the while being ready for any and all changes, additions and deletions (well they rarely have deletions) from attorneys.  Additionally your true stock in trade is the ability to form and manage professional relationships with attorneys.  This extraordinary duo of strengths makes you capable of being successful in almost any organization. 

Additionally you are what I refer to as ‘terminally sincere.’  You are always optimistic; wanting to do your best and looking for a way to improve anything you touch.  This lethal combination of positive attitude and high energy pushes you to see every task as something you can make a difference with and even improve.

Well the great news is that you are special and incredibly capable.  However do you ever find that the approach you are currently using condemns you to often chase your tail while finding yourself just doing the same thing over and over.  Worse, many of your projects end in disappointment and discouragement, knowing it could have been much better.

Smart Work Matrix

The ‘Smart Work Matrix’ provides a structure and insight into how to professionally approach and execute any role, responsibility or activity you have.  Its assists you in maximizing your strengths and minimizing your weaknesses while doing the same for your organization and your attorneys. 

Smart Work Matrix allows you increase the value of your work while decreasing your stress levels.

Its takes your fate out of the hands of your attorneys and gives you control of your work . . .or at least how you will do your work and how you will identify your best opportunities for making a difference.

smart work matrix


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